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Here at Allstate Moving we promise to give you best service and price combination of any one of national moving companies you may have contacted. Choosing among top rated national moving companies is not an easy process, however here one of our national moving companies experts will walk you through the process, so you will be confident that you will make a right decision in hiring best national moving company for your needs.

Services Offered:

Packing & Crating:  Properly packing and crating you valuables is a must for anyone who is planning on hiring long distance movers. You can pack for your long distance move yourself or you can have our experienced and professional movers do it for you.

Storage: Long distance moving involves a lot of preparation and planning, you may require your long distance moving company to hold your belongings for few weeks of month. Just let us know when making reservation that you will need our long distance movers to hold your things for you.

Transportation: We will deliver your valuables from point A to point B.

Unpacking Service: This service is offered by most long distance moving companies. Allstate Moving will offer you a discount on packing and unpacking services if both are used.

Corporate Relocation Services: Allstate Moving specializes in corporate relocation and employee relocation services. We are one of the top nationwide relocation companies where everything will be arranged by one of our certified corporate relocation service specialists with corporate relocation department of the employee’s company for stress-free moving experience to the new place of work.

Self Move vs Full Service Long Distance Move

With all of the volatility in the real estate market over the last few years, many consumers are moving for a variety of reasons. Whatever the reason for your individual need for a long distance moving services, an important choice is required of you; will this be a self move or a full service move that is performed by professional long distance movers?

If you are in good physical condition and are up to the task of packing and driving hundreds or even thousands of miles across country and in who knows what kind of weather, and then unpacking everything to the new location, then you are quite possibly looking at renting a truck or trailer or both to begin your Self Move. 

Doing your own long distance moving is quite a challenge but perhaps that is all you can afford to do. Many are familiar with the bright orange trucks and trailers of the top merchant in the field of self moving, and quite possibly with the look of the vehicles and trailers of its competitors. If you have many possessions then this becomes a mammoth project. Once you have reached the destination of your move, the task of unpacking and trying to make sense of where to put things in your new residence is next. By this time, unless you are in peak physical and mental condition, you may be emotionally and physically exhausted. 

If you are starting a new job or career, or are relocating to a new corporate location with the same company, this is not the best state of mind to be in when you begin working again. One needs to strive to be at ones best at such a time and when you are tired from a cross country move, your performance may suffer so that any savings from a do it your Self Move can be negated due to possible reduced efficiency from this condition. Hopefully you didn’t drop the piano while trying to get it in the truck and at least will be able to play the blues. 

This is not how you want to begin life in your new home. Whatever savings can be attained from the Self Move are minimized by the drain of your vital life energies from the rigors of the road and the demands of packing, loading and unloading many boxes and other assorted and heavy objects. 

Perhaps certain possessions that have a great value to you but possibly not to others must be left behind. You may not have rented a big enough truck or trailer, they are just too bulky and heavy, or you just plain forgot them. 

While you are sleeping at the motel, can unsavory elements unhook your trailer or gain access to the rental truck? You deserve better. Grant yourself a modest luxury; get some free moving quotes that are offered by the reputable long distance moving companies. Your peace of mind and energy level are of the utmost importance to maintain. This is best accomplished by hiring professional long distance movers to handle your long distance moving needs. Whether you live in an apartment or a large house, possessions accumulate; many of them may have priceless sentimental value. 

Only the Full Service Move that is provided by qualified professional long distance moving companies should be considered. Long distance movers know the ins and outs of the process and possess the necessary emotional detachment to competently pack, ship and unload your most prized possessions. Let them be at your service because you need to concentrate on taking inventory of your property in order to assess what can be discarded and what cannot be left behind. Long distance movers are the safe, sane and in the long run, the most economical choice.

After making the exciting decision to move a long distance away, the planning begins. To make the move as stress free as possible on you and your family, the right moving company with experienced long distance movers must be chosen. Some moving companies are local and can move you easily when going short distances. It’s best to steer clear of these local companies when moving long distance. Choosing a reputable long distance mover who specializes in what you need, can make all the difference and can make the transition far easier.

Long distance moving companies provide many services to those who are faced with the daunting challenge of moving all their possessions far away. Not only will they move your precious belongings from one point to another, but most reputable national moving companies provide many other services to ease your transition. Allstate Moving will help you pack (most interstate moving companies charge for packing materials and others factor them in to your initial quote), load and unload the trucks, and when you get where you are going, they will help you unpack and even set up the furniture in your new home!